Scholarship Information

Ohio-Department-of-Education-300x1281What is the State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program?
The State of Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program is part of the Ohio biennial budget providing
scholarships to students presently attending any Ohio public school now in its third year of academic emergency and/or academic watch. School families can check the ODE site for the eligibility list of those schools.

As long as certain criteria is met, (good attendance, taking state-mandated tests, etc.), students
accepted into the EdChoice Program will continue to receive vouchers from the State of Ohio through their 12th grade year at any private/parochial school regardless of whether or not the program continues to be part of the state budget in future years.

Who is eligible to apply for an EdChoice scholarship?

  • Students now attending any of the Ohio public schools in their third year of academic emergency and/or academic watch are eligible.
  • Students currently attending a public community school (a.k.a. charter school) that would otherwise be assigned by their public school district to one of these listed buildings are also eligible to apply.
  • Incoming students who are eligible to attend kindergarten in the fall and who would be assigned by their public school district to one of the listed buildings are eligible to apply.

If a student is eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship program, the first step is to apply for admission at a participating private school. Students must first be accepted at a participating private school for next school year and then apply for an EdChoice Scholarship.